Welcome! This is my personal blog as a writer. This is my journey.


Welcome to my own personal blog! This is a blog about my journey as a writer.

Today I decided to get the courage of deciding to write. I had always been good in writing when I was in high school and in college. However, I had always been subconscious about my writing skills since I never been an “A” grade student or in honors. Although I did manage to get A+ on all my research papers and essays, I struggle in other areas like math and science. Thus, I finally decided to become a writer and make a living in writing since I love to write. I never realized what was my passion, nor talent, and I had always questioned what was I good at since I struggle throughout my life at school.

I had always been a dreamer. I had always daydream a whole lot while in school since I wanted to escape my daily reality of my failing grades, getting bullied, and being rejected by my peers. I also wrote on journals and while I would write I would also read a whole lot. I love to read books. It is an amazing way to escape daily reality just by reading. My teachers would say to me that I had a very creative imagination. For the last two decades, I have been getting ideas to write for movies, novels, and TV. It’s crazy. Well to me it is. When I wrote essays in schools, my English professor at college would always tell me that he was impressed by my writing. I am not going to lie it felt good. I felt that at least I am good at something.

Having failing grades at school did not help with my low self-esteem. Only reading and writing help me escape that painful reality of not only my grades but also being bullied at school. Writing as I am writing this blog feels free as I am free like a bird that wants to fly away in this world of wonders. Writing to me also helps me with healing and also discover more what out there in this amazing world of creativity.